ECD Conception Project

Edison Chen is a name that doesn’t mean anything to most Americans. Some people may have heard of him from his minor role in The Dark Knight or maybe from his small rap career. To the asian community, he is something much more. Edison was once considered the most beautiful man in Asia, he had the fame and good looks and was soon to become an international phenomenon.


The Poster Child of Cyber Crime and Privacy Violation


What stopped Edison from becoming a house hold name was due to a unfortunate hack that resulted in thousands of leaked photos of him having sexual relations with the top models celebrities of the time,Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, Rachel Ngan, and Cecilia Cheung.

Edison’s scandal was caused by him repairing a computer and having his hard drived compromised during that time. His and his partners private photos were distributed across the internet and Edison had to step down from the highly conservative Hong Kong film industry.

Edison had been forced to reside in Los Angeles for the rest of his career, unable to go back to HK due to threats and harassment. He has stayed in LA and made a name for himself through his fashion brand clot.


Now lets fast forward to the future: The iPhone X is out and a large community of security experts agree that facial recognition is a form of security that is valid and hard to manipulate. The worldof security infrastructure will soon allow users to face scan into ATM’s, work areas, etc.

In this future, hackers no longer rely on code loopholes or brute force techniques to get through security. Instead simply collecting 3 photos, one front view, one side view and one inferred, a semi-capable individual with enough drive and power of will can replicate a face using open source 3d modeling and projection mapping software.


Once the likeness is had, it is easy to print the face and mold it out of ballistic gelatin. If there needs to be facial muscle movement to fool the security system, diagrams of simple animatronics will be easy accessible and published through 3d printable files.

Detailed bitmap information containing pore and wrinkle location may be significant in trying to break Apple's FaceID. Another factor is the mysterious IR flood illuminator and IR camera. There may need IR projection to mimic deep tissue infrared vessel scanning. This can be done through shooting Edison in LA with Kodak Areochrome in bright daylight and projection map the results onto his the cast head.

Edison is currently married to Chinese supermodel Shu Pei and they have a daughter now, and so there are bound to be more videos on Edison's iCloud or where ever but once we have access through his face, his security will be compromised and we will hopefully have access to her conception. No public figure is safe.


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